World Wide Web(WWW)

Introduction to World Wide Web(WWW)

  • The World Wide Web (WWW) is a collection of documents and other web resources which are identified by URLs, interlinked by hypertext links, and can be accessed and searched by browsers via the Internet.
  • World Wide Web is also called the Web and it was invented by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989.
  • Website is a collection of web pages belonging to a particular organization.
  • The pages can be retrieved and viewed by using browser.

architecture www

Let us go through the scenario shown in above fig.

  • The client wants to see some information that belongs to site 1.
  • It sends a request through its browser to the server at site 2.
  • The server at site 1 finds the document and sends it to the client.

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Client (Browser):

  • Web browser is a program, which is used to communicate with web server on the Internet.
  • Each browser consists of three parts: a controller, client protocol and interpreter.
  • The controller receives input from input device and use the programs to access the documents.
  • After accessing the document, the controller uses one of the interpreters to display the document on the screen.



  • A computer which is available for the network resources and provides service to the other computer on request is known as server.
  • The web pages are stored at the server.
  • Server accepts a TCP connection from a client browser.
  • It gets the name of the file required.
  • Server gets the stored file. Returns the file to the client and releases the top connection.

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Uniform Resource Locater (URL)

  • The URL is a standard for specifying any kind of information on the Internet.
  • The URL consists of four parts: protocol, host computer, port and path.
  • The protocol is the client or server program which is used to retrieve the document or file. The protocol can be ftp or http.
  • The host is the name of computer on which the information is located.
  • The URL can optionally contain the port number  and it is separated from the host name by a colon.
  • Path is the pathname of the file where the file is stored.

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