What to do after CCNA ?


Hey If you are doing your ccna or planning to start your ccna, Do you know which track or course you will choose after CCNA?

If you are a fresher,  Start with ccna with in-depth knowledge & Complete CCNP & Do our recommended Quad firewall course. If you have work experience, just think which technology you worked on more in last years, switching, wireless, security, VoIP.

I worked with many service providers in my work experience, so I will choose Service provider track, If I will choose data center or Security track without having experience is not useful for me. If you still confused which course is good for you, Just login to your favorite job portal, Check what companies are asking for.

Freshers: CCNA + CCNP + Firewall Courses or Datacenter Course ( Freshers don’t think of ccie now, Try to gain some experience first) It’s better to be a Good CCNP guy rather than a bad CCIE.

Experienced holders: CCNA + Choose your past experience track or Job portal recommendation.

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