What is Token Ring

What is Token Ring

Token-Ring Lan Technology was developed by IBM in the middle 1980s as a fast and reliable alternative to Ethernet. Token ring technology uses a different concept, known as token passing, for allowing network adapters to transmit data on the media.

Than the tokan ring This Tokan-Ring is more sophistcatedly  than Ethernet., and it includes a number of built-in diagnosis and correction mechanisms that can help troubleshoot network problems and Token-Ring networks does not produce the collisions
that can take place in the Ethernet. Network. 
When a Token-Ring network starts up, the devices take part in a negotiation to decide who will become the “Active Monitor”. In Token-Ring network, “Active Monitor” is a machine withuki the highest MAC address and all other machines are ‘Standby Monitors’. The job of the Active Monitor is to make sure that none of the machines are causing problems on the network, and to re-establish the ring after a break or an error has occurred.

In the tokan ring A compute that pases the token to the next computer on the logical ring would be called the nearest active upstream neighbor (NAUN). The computer receiving the token is the nearest active downstream neighbor (NADN).

Egarly Token-Ring nehtworks had 4Mbps speed and later 16Mbps and 100Mbps speed Token-Ring networks were also available.

These days, it is extremly difficult to find a business network operating using Token ring Technology..

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