What Are the Main difference between Machine Learning vs Artificial Intelligence?

What Are the Main difference between Machine Learning vs Artificial Intelligence?

you always listen the name of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Whenever the new electronic gadget will launch the peoples says that this having a Artificial Intelligence or this have a Machine Learning. But, these both things are different they are no same. So, continue reading this article and I will discuss about, What is difference between Artificial Intelligence and What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning (ML)

Machine learning is one sub field of AI. The core principle here is that machines take data and “learn” for themselves. It’s currently the most promising tool in the AI kit for businesses. ML systems can quickly apply knowledge and training from large data sets to excel at facial recognition, speech recognition, object recognition, translation, and many other tasks. Unlike hand-coding a software program with specific instructions to complete a task, ML allows a system to learn to recognize patterns on its own and make predictions.

Machine learning is the part of Artificial Intelligence only, but they both are different. So, first talk about what is machine learning. For example, we teach to a computer, How it have to perform or How to increase it’s own performance.
For example, we have one smart phone and we are capturing the photo of a dog from this phone. For first time when it capture, for that we will show some patterns of the dogs and after that when we capture the photo with that phone, then this phone will know that this is a dog.  But if the cat will come in front of it then the camera will not able to know what it is, because it has not learned about cat. So, Machine Learning is the name that we teach to a machine about a specific thing and then we will make him practice for that more and more.

Now, let’s take the daily life example so that it will easy for you to understand about it. Suppose, there is one person to whom you have taught each and everything about playing football, so that now he knows everything about football and how to play it. He become expert in playing football. But now suddenly if you give a hockey stick in his hand and tell him to play then he will get failed in playing hockey because he learned about playing football and he practiced for foobtall only. So, guys this is about Machine Learning.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is the broadest way to think about advanced, computer intelligence. In 1956 at the Dartmouth Artificial Intelligence Conference, the technology was described as such: “Every aspect of learning or any other feature of intelligence can in principle be so precisely described that a machine can be made to simulate it.”

AI can refer to anything from a computer program playing a game of chess, to a voice-recognition system like Amazon’s Alexa interpreting and responding to speech. The technology can broadly be categorized into three groups: Narrow AI, artificial general intelligence (AGI), and superintelligent AI.

The Artificial Intelligence means they can show creativity like human beings. We all can show the creativity. Like that only Airtificial Intelligence also do too many work with his own creativity. Like, we taken the example in Machine learning that the boy know playing football very well because his coach trained him in football from starting but if suddenly we will tell to play hockey then he can’t play it.
But in the case of Artificial Intelligence if we tell to a boy to play hockey, then we will once try to play it because he has his own creativity and he once try to show some creativeness…

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