Types of networks.( lan,wan,can,man)



Local area network is a computer network, which is limited to a small office , single building , multiple building inside a campus etc.
Typically  local area network is a private network owned and maintained by a single organization.


A wide area network span over multiple geographic location , which b is composed of multiple  LAN’s.
It is nearly impossible for a small to medium organization to pull network cables between their two offices in two different countries located 1000s of kilometers away. Network Service Providers provide the connective solution for wide area networks.


Most important categories of computer  networks are local area network and wide area network . LAN and WAN are the mostly widely used terms of describe about computer network .

However , another categories of computer network are also rarely used to describe about computer network.
Following are the two other categories , which are used to de
scribe about computer networks.

CAN(campus area network)

CAN (campus area network) : Is the computer network consisting of multiple local area network , which is connected together in a huge campus. for example, inside a huge university, a huge business park or a hug hospital, spanned over multiple building, spread over 100s of acres of land area

MAN(metropolitan area network)


MAN(metropolitan area network) :  Is larger than campus area networks when considering the covered, but smaller than a wide area network.  Metropolitan area network interconnected a number of local area

networks using a high bandwidth backbone links inside a city.

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