Troubleshooting wireless driver

Troubleshooting wireless driver

Troubleshooting wireless driver problems in Linux can be a irritating revel in in case you don’t realize what to look for.

The maximum thorough supply for wi-fi driving force information is the aircrack-ng documentation.90% of wi-fi troublessuggested to us are because of people now not studying the Aircrack-ng documentation.You want to run airmon-ng testkill before setting your card in display mode.

carefully examine carefully ANY error message as they may VERY regularly let you know what’s incorrect and how to restore it. If not, then use your Google-Fu.

1. No Interface

Stupid question: Is it a wireless card? (We’ve seen that several times)Is the device plugged in?Does it show up on lsusb or lspci (with the exception of phones)?

You might want to update pci ids and  usb idsDoes dmesg contain any information about the driver loading and/or failingIs Kali a VM? Then, unless your card is USB, it will not be useable (VMWare/VirtualBox/QEMU will virtualize EVERY PCI device).

Is it attached to the VM?If there is nothing in dmesg and it’s not in a VM, then you might want to try the latest compat-wireless (and sometimes, you’ll need firmware) -> check on Linux-Wireless drivers

2. Interface But Can’t Do Anything

Read error messagesIf there are no error messages, then run dmesg | tail and it will most likely tell you what’s wrongFirmware might be missingCheck rfkill and any hardware switches and BIOS options.

3. No Monitor Mode

STA drivers (Ralink, Broadcom) and every other manufacturer’s provided driver doesn’t support monitor modendiswrapper.

doesn’t support monitor mode AND NEVER WILL.Airodump-ng/Wireshark don’t show any packets.

check rfkill and any hardware switches and BIOS options

4. Injection

Test with aireplay-ng -9 (Make sure the card is in monitor mode with airmon-ng)Airmon-ng doesn’t display chipset information.

It’s not a big issue as it just didn’t get that information from the card and doesn’t change the abilities of your cardNo injection but monitor mode.

Check rfkill and any hardware switches and BIOS optionsNetwork managers sometimes interfere with Aircrack tools. run airmon-ng check kill to kill these processes.

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