Top 6 Skill Computer Science Student Should have


The most critical part of software engineering is critical thinking, a fundamental aptitude forever. Understudies ponder the outline, advancement and investigation of programming and equipment used to take care of issues in an assortment of business, logical and social settings. Since PCs tackle issues to serve individuals, there is a critical human side to software engineering too.

Top 6 importance thing in computer science which should you appable

Step 1: 

CGPA: Maintain a healthy gpa/percentage. 7.5+ would be really good. Trust me grades are important.

Step 2:

Data Structures and Algorithms: The core if you want to be in CS. This is of utmost importance for a software engineer. Study from geeksforgeeks etc and start solving problems on codechef, spoj etc.

Step 3:

Subjects: Learn important subjects conceptually instead of mugging up just to pass the examination. Important subjects include Operating Systems, Database Management Systems, Computer Networks, Compiler Design.

Step 4:

Skill: Posess a skill which is to be your USP. It can be data science, cloud computing, web development, internnet of things, red hat. Work towards learning it and make projects in it. Dont stop there if you are interested go ahead and publish papers in journals.

Step 5:

Develop Soft Skills: Very important. People often neglect soft skills and go after only technical skills. Mistake. Dont do this. Technical skills will get you interview. Soft Skills will help you crack it.

Step 6:

Be creative:Being a computer expert doesn’t really mean you are restricted to one single method or practice. Being a computer expert means branching out and always striving for the impossible.

How To Hire Software Engineers

“Nothing in computers is ever really isolated,” Pierce said. “It is important to have a general breadth of computer knowledge, because computer scientists often have to develop interesting solutions to interesting problems.”

If you do all 6 of these earnestly then I see you going places. I got all right except first,the essential hence struggling.
Remember Academics = 1, Rest = 0.

Value of 0 is there only if there is a 1 before it. Together they make a perfect 10

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