Top 5 free encryption software

Protect sensitive data with this free 5 encryption software

Finding the best encryption programming for your necessities, regardless of whether you’re a business or home client, is fundamental, as programmers are winding up always adroit at taking your private data.

Encryption devices encode information so it must be opened with a specific key, making it harder for outsiders to obtain entrance. This implies just individuals who approach that key can likewise get to the information, making encryption programming a fundamental device for protecting information.

These encryption apparatuses can be utilized to secure information, for example, email addresses, client exchanges and passwords, and other essential data which you truly can’t bear to possibly uncover. Numerous organizations are additionally utilizing encryption programming to guarantee inner online discussions and messages are kept private.

So which are the best encryption apparatuses? Read on for our pick of the absolute best instruments for guarding your information.


  1. Bit-locker Device Encryption

Since the BitLocker Device Encryption software is integrated directly into Microsoft Windows 10, it is probably the most obvious application on this list. You will find the BitLocker app in the Control Panel, but the best way to get to the management screen is by typing bitlocker into the Cortana search box. 

BitLocker is designed to work best with a computer or device deployed with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 1.2 or later. The TPM is a hardware component that works with BitLocker to help protect user data and to ensure that a computer has not been tampered with while the system was offline. Older devices with no TPM can still use BitLocker, but users will need access to a USB drive that will act as a key to the system. 

BitLocker encrypts the entire disk drive and not individual files or folders. This app works best for protecting entire PCs and devices with encrypted and secured access. BitLocker uses an AES encryption algorithm with both 128-bit and 256-bit keys. Obviously, it is restricted to use in the Windows operating system. 

  1. FileVault2 

Similar to BitLocker, FileVault 2 is a full-disk encryption tool; however, it is limited to use on OS X Lion or later. The app prevents unauthorized access to the information on an OS X device’s startup disk using an XTS-AES-128-bit algorithm with a 256-bit key. 

To turn on FileVault, navigate to the System Preferences screen and click the Security & Privacy link. Of course, you will have to enter an administrator name and password to complete the process. Once the encryption is complete, FileVault will require you to log in every time your Mac starts up, and no account will be permitted to log in automatically. 

  1. VeraCrypt

VeraCrypt is an open source application based on the now abandoned TrueCrypt 7.1. Like BitLocker and FileVault, VeraCrypt is designed as a complete drive or partition encryption tool and not for the encryption of individual files or folders. 

The software creates a virtual encrypted disk within a file and then mounts that file as a usable disk drive or USB drive. The encryption is automatic and performed on the fly so the drive acts like a normal storage device. 

Since VeraCrypt is an open source project, its documentation is a bit sparse—and it’s cryptic at best. While this application does use advanced encryption protocols and keys to create an additional level of security, it is best deployed by professionals or users with advanced skills. 

  1. AxCrypt

Unlike the previous applications in this list, AxCrypt is designed to be used for encrypting individual files or folders. AxCrypt integrates directly into the file explorer system of either Windows or OS X, making encryption as simple as clicking the right choice from a menu. The application can also be downloaded and installed on a mobile device. 

AxCrypt also uses the same AES encryption algorithms with 128-bit and 256-bit keys as the other applications. In addition to integrating with system file explorer apps in Windows and OS X, AxCrypt integrates with cloud-based storage apps like DropBox and Google Drive, making it a flexible encryption application. 

  1. AESCrypt

AESCrypt is also designed to be used as an encryption tool for individual files and folders. The application integrates directly into the file explorer systems of Windows, OS X, and Linux. AESCrypt can support developers working in programming languages like Java and C# as well. 

AESCrypt is an open source project and it uses the AES encryption algorithm and 128-bit and 256-bit keys. The documentation for AESCrypt clearly states that the software can be used for business purposes as well as personal ones. 

Adding USB Persistence with LUKS Encryption

Applications worked for informing encryption

As should be obvious, the most normally utilized informing applications (above) aren’t totally secure—or, on the grounds that numerous need autonomous audit, clients can’t know 100% that the encryption on the applications really works. In any case, the EFF says there are different applications that score a 7 out of 7 on their scorecard. These applications are:

Flag: The free iOS and Android application enables you to participate in totally encoded voice calls. Flag utilizes your current number, doesn’t require a watchword, and use protection saving contact disclosure to instantly show which of your contacts are reachable with Signal. In the engine, it utilizes ZRTP, an all around tried convention for secure voice correspondence, the organization says.

Noiseless Phone: The organization Silent Circle makes programming and equipment for organizations who are stressed over secure interchanges. Their Silent Phone programming is accessible on Android and iOS and enables clients to call and content with finish protection.

Wire: is another safe informing application that got a 7 out of 7 from the EFF. The application enables you to content and talk with other Telegram clients. The best part is that in addition to the fact that it is accessible on iOS and Android, they influence a Windows To telephone application and also customers for Mac and PCs.

Content Secure: Made by Open Whisper Systems, Text Secure empowers encoded voice calls and messages. It’s accessible for Android and iOS and among its numerous supporters is Edward Snowden who has suggested.


” Given the amount of sensitive personal information that we keep on our mobile devices these days, including banking details, encrypting your Android device is a very sensible decision. There are quite a few options out there offering various levels of security, from system wide Android encryption to apps dedicated to protecting more specific files. Keep in mind though, encryption won’t give you complete protection from everything, but it offers excellent protection in the case of stolen devices.”

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