The world’s first 5G Smartphone

The world’s first 5G Smartphone came in front, see what’s special

Now the 4G technology is going to be the old thing soon. Because with the 5G network very soon , the smartphones working on this technology are also coming. Since last few days, we have been hearing about the 5G network, but now Qualcomm has changed it to reality. Apart from this, many smartphone makers and companies are working fast on the development of this technology. Currently the development of 5G technology is underway, but it is believed that by the year 2020 the 5G mobile network will be launched. But in all, Qualcomm is at the forefront.

Qualcomm’s 5G smartphone
However, it may take some time for companies to make 5G smartphones at the moment, but the way development is taking place, it seems that it will be done soon. Qualcomm is working on 5G technology faster than the mobile brands of the popular mobile space, and now the picture of its 5G smartphone has also leaked to the Internet. This means that the famous company that produces the processor will first launch its 5G handset.
Until 5G data connection 2019,
Qualcomm company has also said that users will be able to get the benefits of 5G data connection till 2019. It means even a year before the estimate. This company says that this is happening due to the increasing demand and business of Tech Fans. Work is being done very fast on 5G technology and soon it will be available to everyone.

5g showed a picture of the phone

between this one has a funny face now 5G smartphone will soon be in the front. Earlier, a Twitter user posted a photo of the world’s first 5G smartphone. The special thing is that Twitter user Sherif Hanna is working on the position of marketing lead in LTE and 5G NR in Qualcomm. Now, the sooner the arrival of the 5G phone has been confirmed.

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