Office Network & baseband and broadband



A main office is where all the branch offices are reporting to and where the top department heads of the enterprise works. Main offices networks is where the branch office network are normally connected to. Normally it is inside the main office that the most important enterprise serever run.


Branch office are normally located in remote geographical location connected to the main office by wide area network.Branch office normally contain fewer user than the main office and the network resource in branch office are limited to the user in branch office normally host less important server.


Home user are the employee user who work from home. Home users are normally connected to the main office /branch office using VPN protected broadband internet.


Travelling employees are usually managers , sales & marketing employees or technical employees who are at remote location for a business related activity.

1) Hub and spoke site to site wide area network(WAN) Topology
2)Partial mesh site to site wide area network(WAN) Topology
3)Full mesh site to site wide area network(WAN) Toplogy



In baseband data is sent as digital single through the media as a single channel  that uses the entire bandwith of the media. Baseband communication is bi-dielectional, which means that the same channel can be used to send and receive single. In baseband , frequency – division

multiplexing is not possible.


Broadband sends information in the form of an analog single. Each transmission is assigned to a portion of the bandwith. Hence multiple transmission are possible at the same time.Broadband communication is undirectional, so in order to send and recive , two  pathway are needed.

Broadband can be accomplished either by assigning a frequency for sending two cables one

for sending and one for receiving. In broadband frequency division multiplexing is

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