Nokia 2 will updated Oreo and android go improvements

Nokia 2 will updated Oreo and android go improvements

Manufacturers generally support their flagships with software updates for a reasonable amount of time (though often at a very slow pace), but budget phones often get ignored. Nokia seems to be kicking this trend though!

When chief product officer of HMD Global Juho Sarvikas was asked on Twitter about the $100 Nokia 2 getting Oreo, he replied with a wealth of info about the future Oreo update.

The device will indeed receive Oreo, but it will also get many of the improvements Android Go. Android Go is made to be lighter and run faster on budget device, and while it can’t be installed on a device that didn’t launch with Android Go, the Nokia 2 will feature many of the improvements it brings to the table.

So in the future, the Nokia 2 will make the jump directly to Android 8.1 and should run better than ever. Unfortunately, a release date wasn’t given, but we’re glad to see Nokia working hard to support even its budget devices.

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