Network protocol define rules and convetions for communication between different devices, participating in a computer network

Almost all protocol used in the internet are common standerds define by RFC.

Examples of standards network protocol are TCP,UDP, IP, HTTP, TFTP,SSH,telnet …etc..

TCP(transmission control protocol)

UDP(user datagram  protocol)

IP(internet protocol)

TFTP(trivial file transfer protocol)

HTTP( hypertext transfer protocol)

SSH(secure shell)

Device participating in network communication should about the common network protocol and communication according to the way, define by the network protocol.

To explain it more clearly, if you are using your browser to browser web page from a web server, you are using a protocol called HTTP . your computer must request web page from your server using HTTP and web browser must response back your computer using


A RFC (request for comments) is a pure technical document published by the internet engineering Task forces. Request for comments are mainly used to develop a “standard” network protocol,a function of a network protocol or any features related with network


Some RFCs  are information and others published internet standards. The finely version of the RFC become a standards and is published with a number.

At  the early stages of network communication ,each vendor had their own proprietary  network communication protocols.Different protocol for the same purpose were a serious problem in heterogeneous network environment, consisting of devices and operating system from different vendors.

All standards    network  protocol  are defined as RFCs. Individuals many join the IETF working groups to  help draft and develop networking standards or network protocol.

More than 7000 RFCs are available

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