In MESH topology , every network device is connected to other network devices. Mesh topology

is costly because to the extra cable needed and it is very complex and difficult to manage.

advantge of mesh topology is multiple paths to the destination computer.If one link is down,we have another path to reach the destination.

Mesh topology is not commonly used these days.


In ring topology ,all computer are connected via a cable that loops in a ring or circle.A ring topology is a circle. A ring topology in a ring  no start and no end the terminal are not neccessary is a ring topology .
The main advantage  of ring topology is that the single degeneration is low since each workstation participating in the network is responsible for regenerating the weak single. The advantage  of ring topology is if if one workstation fails,the entire network will fail.


Hybrid topology is a mixture of different topology. Example is star bus topology.


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