How to unlock your S9

How to unlock your S9

It’s often the smallest details that determine your overall experience with a smartphone. Unlocking your device with a PIN is an example — and iPhones have had a leg up over Android thanks to their automatic unlocking. Thankfully, this era has finally come to an end with the arrival of the Galaxy S9.

Why Should I Unlock My Samsung Galaxy S9?

There are many reasons for which you should unlock your phone. But the most important one is the financial one.

Unlocking your phone offers the freedom of using the payment plan most convenient to you, regardless of the network from which you bought the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Furthermore, after you unlock your Samsung Galaxy S9, you will manage to use it even with foreign SIM cards. Thus, while traveling abroad you can avoid the expensive Roaming charges enforced by most networks.

Look For An Online Code Provider

There are a few steps that need to be taken to unlock Samsung Galaxy by unlock code. The first of them is to find an online code provider.

One of the best ones, both in terms of service and customer feedback is Placing an order to unlock Samsung Galaxy S9 by code takes a couple of minutes.

Android devices have always required you to confirm your PIN by tapping the “OK” button after entering it, which was one additional step you had to take when compared to using an iPhone. Though small in the grand scheme of things, this has nevertheless been an annoyance that we’ve had to live with in exchange for the other advantages that came with using an Android phone.

Thankfully, the S9 and S9+ have ended this inconvenience. You now have the option of confirming your security PIN automatically without having to tap on “OK” to get into your phone.

If you’d like to try it out, tick the box next to “Confirm PIN without tapping OK” when setting up your numeric PIN within the “Lock Screen and Security” page inside your phone’s settings.

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