How to install and Apply Third-Party Themes on Windows 10

Install and Apply Third-Party Themes on Windows 10

If we talk about Microsoft’s Windows, we know that it is not an open sourced software like Linux based operating systems. These makes the user to give the controls to Microsoft which is essential for them but for us, we have to get dependent on the company to provide features. We can only use those features provided by the Company, but as at some extinct there is an option for little customization in the windows, which is provided by the third-party, but using at your own risk. In these customization we have one option for themes. Installing third-party themes can be possible but that requires the change in the core system files and that can break your device if something goes worse!

By default windows have the themes but it is not changed since many years. It just let user change their wallpapers and colour of certain Windows elements. Windows does not support third party themes and if you want more themes, you can get it downloaded from their website. But if you doesn’t like those themes and want to take the risk then a popular tool known as ULTRAUXThemePatcher helps you to bypass this restriction and allow change in the system files and manage to change the themes. With every new updation, you need to install a new version of ULTRAUXThemePatcher.

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There is another tool option which is UxStyle which we recommend as it allows you to install third-party themes but most important is that it does not make any change in the system files. In short it is a safer option to use different types of themes. But UxStyle has not yet updated beyond windows 10, so there is a chance that it won’t work.

You can download the tool by using link given below:

  1. ULTRAUXThemePatcher
  2. UxStyle:

Download the setup file and just right click on it and run as administrator. Follow the flow of setup wizard to install and once it is installed, you’ll have to reboot system before installing any themes.

Note: – We recommend you to take backup or restore point of your pc or laptop just in case if something goes wrong then you can just restore from that point.

The three files which ULTRAUXThemePatcher will change is UXinit.dll, themeui.dll, uxtheme.dll. These files can be located in the C drive (C:\windows\system32\folder). If you have installed the latest version of the creator’s update then you will not be able change those files, but there is a little hope to change files by downloading and installing the software known as Take Owner ship Ex form Winaero.

You can download it by clicking the link given below: .php?view.16

After that go to System32 folder and just right click on each of the above-mentioned .dll files and select all the Take Ownership/Restore Rights. 

Install Third-Party Themes on Windows 10

Firstly, to install third party themes, you have to find themes for windows whichever you want of your choice paid or free. These themes comes with .exe extensions so they will get installed without any complexion. This will install every,cursor themes, necessary tools, packs to modify windows explorer, visual styles etc. A good source to find themes:

Other source to find themes and icons for many other software you can it by:

Click on the download button and you’ll get zip files downloaded, then move the extracted contents to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\ folder. The Aero theme will be there in that folder as default.

For every themes you have to move the contents to appropriate folder, and just double-click to apply it.

At last but not the least if you want to keep the old school windows 7 style in other windows pc or laptop and remove the latest themes installed just use the tool known as OldNewExplorer.

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