How to Import Your Data from Google Chrome to Firefox Quantum

Step 1. Head to Firefox’s website and install the latest version of Firefox Quantum for your Mac, Linux or Windows desktop or laptop. Follow the instructions to finish the setup.

Step 2. After installing Quantum, head to the top right corner and click on the Bookmarks logo. This will bring out the prompt with several options. Click on the Bookmarks button.

Step 3. Scroll till the end and click on the Show All Bookmarks button. You can even use the Ctrl+Shift+B shortcut for Windows and Command+Shift+B shortcut for Mac.

Step 4. When you click on the Show All Bookmarks button, it’ll open a prompt. Select the Import and Backup option from, followed by the Import Data from Another Browser button.

Step 5. A new Import Wizard will pop up and ask you to choose from your current browser. Select Google Chrome and click Next.

Step 6. Now, select the data you want to import to Quantum. You can select from Cookies, Browsing History, Saved Passwords, and Bookmarks. Check or uncheck the options you want to import from Chrome and click Next.

Step 7. Once the import is complete, click Finish.

Step 8. You will now see a new Bookmark Toolbar on the right side

of the Firefox browser that will have

All your data form chrome.

all your data from Chrome.

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