Here are 5 ways you can keep track of trending repositories on GitHub

1. GitHub Explore newsletter

This is the official newsletter from GitHub. You can subscribe to it here. Emails are sent out daily, weekly or monthly, depending on your preference. The email contains the top 5 trending repositories across all programming languages for the selected period:


Official newsletter

Daily, weekly or monthly mailing schedule

Personal recommendations


You cannot subscribe to a particular programming language

Only top 5 repositories are in the list, although there are 25 on the GitHub trending page

2. GitHub notifications

GitHub notification system is a native and convenient way of tracking activity on GitHub. For many developers it is a part of their daily working process. You can receive notifications about new comments, pull requests, mentions and any other activity you might be involved in.


You can subscribe to trends of a particular programming language

You can receive notifications either in the GitHub web interface or by email

You can choose between daily and weekly updates


Not all programming languages are available for subscription as yet

3. Twitter bot

Every 30 minutes @TrendingGithub bot tweets about one actual trending repository or developer:


Twitter is a convenient channel for receiving news

You can track trending developers as well


Not possible to subscribe to a particular programming language

Receiving updates every 30 minutes may be annoying

Project source is available on GitHub.

4. Changelog Nightly newsletter

Changelog Nightly is an automated newsletter sent every night at 10pm US Central Time (CT). It collects trending repositories across all programming languages and splits them into three groups:

First timers – trending repositories not previously emailed

Top new – trending repositories open-sourced throughout the day

Repeat performers – trending repositories that already appeared in the newsletter before


Items are separated into meaningful groups: first timers, created today and repeat performers


The only schedule option available is daily emails

Not possible to filter by a particular programming language

It’s worth mentioning that Changelog Nightly is powered by GitHub Archive– a database recording all public activity on GitHub. You can access data with any HTTP client and make your own analysis.

5. Manual browsing of daily updated repo

Consider this method if you don’t need any notifications. Every day, a script in github-trending repository scrapes trending projects and commits them as markdown files. You can manually browse these files and find out what was trending on a particular date.


You can access the full history of trends

You are not bothered by notifications


Only 7 languages are supported

Only daily trends, no weekly or monthly updates

No info about acquired stars

You need to browse manually


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