Google releases new experimental photography apps

They’re part of Google’s new “appsperiments” program, which just launched today. The new apps are named Storyboard (Android only), Selfissimo! (Android and iOS), and Scrubbies (iOS only).


In Storyboard, you shoot several seconds of video and then the app automatically pulls out six frames. It lays them onto a comic-book style frame and applies one of six visual styles to the frames. You can either save the comic or pull to refresh and get a completely new one. Google says there are

1.6 trillion different possibilities to try out.

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If you’ve ever fancied owning your own photo booth but didn’t want to shell out several thousand dollars to buy one, Selfissimo! has you covered. Selfissimo! is an automated selfie app that takes black and white pictures every time you pause to pose. Tap the screen to start the session, and another tap ends it. You can then review the sheet Selfissimo! puts together and save every shot the app took or just individual pictures.

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Scrubbies lets your play out your DJ fantasy, but with video. The app takes video clips and lets you remix videos by moving them back and forth. It lets you manipulate the speed and direction of the video while scrubbing back and forth. Once you’ve created your remixed video clip, just swipe with two fingers to save it and share it.

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What do you think of the new apps? Which one is your favorite? Let us know down in the comments.

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