Google Assistant Understand Hindi Language

Google Assistant adds Hindi language support for India

Google Assistant voice commands can now understand the Hindi language, which is spoken largely in India.

However, the Android device settings must have English – India as the main language for this support to work.

Google Assistant then translates Hindi voice commands to English.

Google Assistant is expanding its language guide in one in every of Android’s biggest markets—India. in accordance to a fewreviews across the net, Hindi language assist is currently rolling out to supported Android devices in India, however there may be a twist to it.

The added help was first mentioned by The Android Soul, however as Android Police factors out, if you live in India and feature your phone set to the Hindi language, it will now not work with Google Assistant. insteadthe ones users need to set their device language to “English – India”, and then tap or preserve on the smartphone’s home button to set off Google Assistant. customers can then talk within the Hindi language, and Google Assistant will then transcribe the phrases into English and show you your answer.

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that is apparently some kind of short way around for the company to feature Google Assistant voice support for Hindi in India

It remains to be seen when or if the company will allow the identical characteristic to work if the phone is set to the Hindi language. still, it’s clean that Google wishes all those Android users in India to have the benefits of its virtual companion.

Android Police additionally notes that Russian is now a supported language for actions on Google, which means developerswho’re adding Google Assistant help to their apps and services can now include commands in Russian. That likely meansthat full Russian Google Assistant guide is coming within the very near future.

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