Ethernet media standerd

Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet, are identified by three part names , which is also know as Media standard. An example of Media Standard is 10BASE-T.

The first part of Media Standard specifies the transmission speed.

The second part of Media standard the “BASE” specifies that the Ethernet signal is a baseband single.

The final part of the Ethernet Media standard the kind of cable used.

NOTE: X represents a higher grade of connection and 100BaseTX is twisted pair cable cabaling that can use either UTP or STP at 100 Mbps. With Fibar optic  cable such as 100BaseFX, the  speed is qucker then standard 10BaseF. The “L” stand for Long wave length lasers and “S”stand for short wave Length.


LAN Technologies Ethernet

Ethernet , Fast Ethernet and gigabit Ethernet are the LAN technologies most commonly used today. Ethernet Version i was developed by xerox corporation during the early 1970s.

Advantges of Ethernet are

-Low cost compoents

-Easy to install

-Easy to thoubleshoot

All the devices connected in an Ethernet network share a common transmission medium. Ethernet uses carrier sense multiple access detection  for determining when a computer is free to trasmit data on the access medium.The computer then stop, wait for a random time interval, and attempt to transmit again.

Collisons were common in Ethernet network and network instrasture devices like Ethernet Hubs usually have a small light on their front panel.

Ethernet network typically oparete at baseband of either 100 mbps(fast ethernet),1000mbps(gigabit ethernet).

Even a faster version of gigabit , 10 gigabit ethernet is now available. 10 gigabit works  well with both fiber optic and copper media.

Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet cannot oparate on network  infrastructure devices like Ethernrt Hubs,Ethernet swithes and network cards designed for a 10mbps Ethernet network.Many  lastest network infrastructure devices like Ethernet switch and Ethernet networks cards are  capable to oparate  at speed of 10 mbps or 100 mbps or 1000mbps.

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