Endless Reasons to be 5G Ready

By 2022 the number of 5G subscribers will be big… and growing fast. Are you ready for the next revolution?

These numbers are only going to get higher. And the new possibilities enabled by the technology will have big implications for service providers that don’t want to get left behind. For example, 5G will:

• Free people to watch even more video, wherever they are – including more ultra-high definition 4K content, and more live streaming.

• Fuel the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT).

• Power innovative apps that push the boundaries of augmented and virtual reality.

The impact of 5G on service providers

Service providers will be among the first to notice how the capabilities of 5G create new expectations among businesses and consumers.

As bandwidth demand skyrockets, for example, the most obvious effect will be that networks need to supply a huge amount of extra capacity.

But succeeding in the world of 5G will not just be about supplying more of the same. There will also be a need for other attributes like low latency, high reliability, and increased data throughput.

A cost-effective approach through new technology

If service providers try to meet the growing need for more bandwidth by adding infrastructure to their existing network, it will quickly become very expensive.

That’s why Cisco has been at the forefront of new developments in networking technology that enable a more cost-effective approach to boosting capacity.

We’ve created a streamlined router that integrates the IP and optical layers in the aggregation part of the network.

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