Download Google Fuchsia OS stock wallpapers in HD

Download Google Fuchsia OS Stock Wallpapers& It’s UI on Android

Google has made an unbelievable progress in the technology field, and will continue to surprise the people by introducing new products in the market. It has just gone under developing a new OS which is known as Fuchsia. There is a rumour that Fuchsia OS from Google now has UI for desktop PC and smartphones. It would be a tough competitor or alternative for Chrome OS and Android. You can download the whole collection of Google Fuchsia OS Stock Wallpapers by clicking on link given below:

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There was a rumour about this OS last year, and even an apk file was flowing on the internet which gave the users a look of what the Fuchsia OS exactly is and how it looks and feel. Even couple of days before there was a glimpse of this OS in the headlines.

ARS Technica got the Fuchsia OS working on a pixel book and they also have uploaded a video which shows the features of the OS. You can watch the video in below link given:


Some are suggesting it as a replacement for Android but currently you can run it on Google Pixel Book. It would almost take a year for people to know about this OS in details. And it might be the replacement in the technologies if anything? Time will tell but for now, just get the benefits of using those cool wallpapers.

Compared to last year, the OS has much to show to us, Fuchsia’s lock screen which features time and other controls, uses satellite view of the earth which is quite similar to the set loaded on Nexus devices.Fuchsia is using Google’s own Flutter SDK for its app and UI, which creates cross-platform code that run on android device iOS and of course, Fuchsia too.


Google Fuchsia OS Stock Wallpapers Collection

Google Fuchsia OS have 9 preloaded official stock wallpapers. All the wallpapers are of different resolution, which varies from HD+ to 4K. This will help the users to get the best resolution of wallpapers as per the need of their smartphones including flagship phones which comes with QuadHD Display.

Google’s Fuchsia OS UI on your Android

  2. To install the APK just download by using link given above.
  3. Browse in your phone’s File explorer and tap on the Apk file to install.
  4. Select
  5. Tap on the open option, once it get installed.

As said before, you can do nothing, other than observing new UI. You can get the idea of what the google will be launching in coming days. The UI is not as smooth, but we can’t say anything right now since it is an early stage of development.







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