Common Network Cable Types

Common Network Cable Types

Cable are commonly used to carry communication  singnals within Local area network (LAN). There are three type of cable media that can be used to connect device to a network and they are coxial cable, twisted pair cable, fiber optic cable.

Coaxial cable

Coaxial cable looks similar to the  cable used to carry TV signal. A solid core copper wire is a

layer of insulation, covering that insulation is braided wire and metal foil,which shieds against electromegnetic .   The a  final layer of insulation covers the braided wire.

They are two types of coaxial cable : 1)- Thinnet 2)- Thicknet

The bandwith  for coaxial cable is 10 Mbps.

Twisted pair cable

Twisted cable is the most common type of cabling you can see in today Local area network. A

pair of wire forms a against crosstalk. Crostalk is the undersired single noise provides protectaion against crosstalk.

They are two type of twisted pair cable:1)shilded twisted pair cable

                                                                    2)unshilded twisted pair cable

Optical fiber cable

Optical fiber cable use optical fiber they carry digital data single in the form of modulated pules of light. An optical fiber consist of an externally thin cylinder of glass called the core.

surrounded by a concentric layer of glass. Known as the cladding. The core  also can be an optical quality clear plastic and cladding can be made up to gel that reflect single back into a

reduce single loss.

They are two type optical fiber cable:1) single mode fiber cable 2)  Multi mode fiber cable


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