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Cisco Intersight – The Benefits of Essentials

Pervasive Simplicity

one of the challenges of control at scale is keeping things easywhen we first started out developing the requirements for Cisco Intersight, our clients advised us we needed to address the tedious tasks associated with preserving systems. We needed to simplify and automate many sports. I described this essential requirement as the customer demand for pervasive simplicity in a preceding blog. Cisco Intersight – essentials is designed to deal with many of those issuessuch as updating firmware and making deployments more efficient.

We wanted to explain how we’ve designed Intersight to make management of Cisco united statesand HyperFlex less difficult, so we developed this video to summarize some of the advantages.

Automating Updates

The process of updating and maintaining firmware on the right degrees can be very time consumingthis is mainly truefor clients with structures in multiple locationsbutit is critical to apply updates in a well timed and consistent way to ensure security and compliance.

Cisco Inter sight – essentials addresses this problem by offering computerized firmware updates for Cisco united states of america C-series servers. you can set rules to automatically replace your rack-mount servers anywhere they’re located. We additionally assist features like u.s.C-collection coveragebased configuration with service Profiles and digital KVM to make far off provisioning and management easierhere’s a link to an Inter sight groups web pageif you’d like greater technical info.

We’ve additionally created this demo video to provide an explanation for how the automatic firmware update feature works.

Streamlining Deployments

Many of our Hyper Flex and Cisco UCS customers support systems in remote locations. They wanted it to be easier to roll out new systems and transition to hyper converged infrastructure. We recently added a new Hyper Flex Installer that dramatically simplifies deployments. This blog provides you with more details.

Cisco Intersight is cloud-based management as-a-service, so we will constantly be rolling out new functionality and making it immediately available to our customers. We are just getting started.

Try It for Free

You can take advantage of the benefits of this new platform today at no cost by trying the free 90 day trial of Cisco Inter sight – Essentials. Just go to the Inter sight portal at inter and logon using your Cisco ID. There’s also a getting started video to help you.

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