Cisco Digital Education [How to learn]

Cisco Digital Education

One of the items on my mind the opposite day as I born them off in class was the necessity for Education to evolve to support the new learning models of this generation.

Everyday, my youngsters surprise Pine Tree State by the ways} they learn – which area unit terribly totally different from the ways that we tend to learned in previous generations. Being natural digital learners, they absorb data higher and quicker than previous generations, and as a result they need to explore information deeper and wider similarly. This Digital Generation is hungry for data and that they currently have it at their fingertips. a minute back I detected my oldest son raise, “Alexa, how many Elevators are in the Eiffel Tower ?” there’s no ought to move to the standard library any longer. Also, lecturers don’t seem to be the first or sole supply of data.

Internet of Things

The Cisco Internet of Things (IoT) certifications and training are job role based programs designed to help meet the growing need for specialized talent. This education portfolio provides Internet Protocol (IP) networking expertise, with a focus in automation, manufacturing and energy and future expansion to include equally transformative industries.

As part of my role of enabling Cisco Partners to drive digital transformation in the education market, I am intrigued by the challenges of Educators as they engage this generation of digital learners.  I am seeing higher education institiutions change the way they teach, because younger generations are consuming content differently. Universities are evaluating how to better connect and engage their student populations with technology.  They are looking to create environments that challenge students in very different ways that address the unique needs of this digital generation.  This is a great opportunity for Cisco and our Partners to transform Higher Education to become fully Digital and immersive.

Cisco Crosswork – Part 1: Change Automation

One opportunity for Cisco Partners is empowering universities to create experiences rather than passing knowledge. These digital experiences engage the students’ reasoning skills to teach them how to solve complex problems, create new realities, and accelerate the pace of innovation in every field.  By providing experiences, universities differentiate based on their ability to create new enviroments that adapt to changing learning models and student requirements.  This focus on unparalleled student experience will attact the next generation of learners.

Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist

The Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist certification is for information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) professionals in the manufacturing, process control, and oil and gas industries, who will be involved with the implementation, operation, and support of networked industrial products and solutions. This certification ensures candidates have the foundational skills to manage and administer networked industrial control systems. It provides plant administrators, control system engineers and traditional network engineers with an understanding of the networking technologies needed in today’s connected plants and enterprises.

Unlike other industrial networking programs, this certification tests the hands-on skills through simulations as well as testing theoretical knowledge. This approach ensures that candidates are ready for real-world implementations.

Pre-Learning Courses

For candidates who may be new to IT Networking or Industrial Networking, Cisco recommends the following e-learning modules that could be valuable in preparing for this certification course and exam.

Educational institutions know they need to differentiate to survive in a globally competitive environment. This is opening up budgets to partners who know how to position digital education use cases that help drive differentiation.  One use case partners can easily offer is the ability to extend classes outside the walls of the university so the students can learn anytime, anywhere and on any device. I have seen universities utilizing Webex, Spark/Spark Board and CirQlive (a Cisco Ecosystem Partner) to create digital classrooms that extend the boundaries of the campus. With this platform, Cisco Solutions can connect to any Learning Management Systems (LMS).  Every teacher can create virtual classrooms and invite their students to join the class on their mobile devices or laptops. Teachers can also create virtual rooms with Spark that keep all the notes and comments made in class.  They can post documentation and other reference materials and enhance the student-teacher relationship by engaging students with just a few clicks.  These digital capabilities are available for partners to offer their education customers today.

Cisco partners have the opportunity to work closely with customers around the world to create flexible digital platforms that enable schools and universities to reimagine education, capture the attention of younger minds, and prepare them for a fast-moving world. What a wonderful place a university will be when my kids are old enough to go to college, and Cisco Partners have the chance to be at the center of that evolution today! Learn how you can be part of this transformational change by checking out our Industry Transformation Partner Guideat and to join our next Education Webinar on April 26th, please register here.

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