CENTRALIZED and DISTRIBUTED Computer Network Model

Centralized and Distributed Computer Network Model

In centralized computer network model, the network resources are placed and managed from a main location. Centralized network model allows administrators to manage the resource centrally.The network server and other critical networks resource are located in a central location

in a secure and dedicated server room.

Centralized networks model provides following advantages to network and system administrators.

Centralized network model provide Network and system administrators   better access to network devices.

In centralized networks model provides can managed more easily.

Centralized network provides better networks security.

The main disadvantages is more work load of networks and system administrators and increased risk of communication failure due to a catastrophe in the center location.

In distribution network model, the network resources are placed and manged from different geographical location.Designated network and system administrators   manged the network resources in different location. These days most of the enterprises network model are distributed.



A peer to peer networks has no dedicated server. Here in peer to  peer networks ,a numbers of workstation are connected together for the purpose of sharing devices, information or data. All the workstation are considered as equal. Any one computer can act as client act as or server at need for dedicated server,like

home networks ,small business networks, or retail shops. The microsoft term for peer to peer networks is “workshop”.

Normal workstation operating system are window 95/98 window ME, NT workstation , window 2000 professional , window XP , vista, window 7,window 8…..etc..


PEER TO PEER  networks are good for small business organization. For example :a small factory,service center,a small clinic.. etc.
The main disadvantage of peer to peer network are list above
* Everything is kept distributed  in different computer.
* User generated  files are stored  in individual computers.Data backup is extremely difficult .
*Each computers has its own user database.
I f computer  has a resource which is served to another computer,it is a server computer .
A computer which is seeking any resource from another computers is a client computer.

Here,five type of server
(1) File server
(2) Print server
(3) Mail server
(4) Application server
(5) Database server
(6)Directory server

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