best way to learn a new technology

Free learning Official Documentation: Great as a reference guide. Usually all the features are documented and act as use case reminders. Not the best place to learn a technology from scratch (mostly).... Read more »

7 programming languages that every developer should learn in 2018

1.JAVA Java decreased in popularity by about 6,000 job postings going into 2018 compared to going into 2017, the analysis found. However, it is still an extremely well-established language, used by millions... Read more »

How to follow your favourite programming language onGitHub

Here are 5 ways you can keep track of trending repositories on GitHub 1. GitHub Explore newsletter This is the official newsletter from GitHub. You can subscribe to it here. Emails are sent... Read more »

Two Good Tools That Help Students Learn to Program Games

Code Maven and Game Maven are interactive programming tutorials from Crunchzilla. Code Maven and Game Maven use the same style as the popular Code Monster javascript programming tutorial. That style is to... Read more »

Automatic code testing

A review of different approaches to testing What to test? Program can be tested in different levels: Code (unit-tests and integrational testing), API and GUI. The choice of the type of test depends... Read more »

3 Career Development and Soft Skill books for Programmers and Software Developers

5 Soft Skills and Career Development Books for Programmers Here is my collection of some of the best books to improve your Soft skills and Career Development. The Complete Software Developer’s Career... Read more »

10 Great Programming Languages for Mathematics

1.WOLFRAM LANGUAGE The Wolfram Language is the programming language of Mathematica and of the Wolfram Programming Cloud. It is a general multi-paradigm programming language developed by Wolfram Research. It was designed to... Read more »

How to create Port scanner using C Programming language

There are lot of port scanners available in the internet nmap is one of the good port scanner but what if you want to make your own port scanner and you don’t... Read more »

How to Use the STL With Legacy Output Collections

When you start using the STL and its algorithms in your code, it’s a bit of a change of habits. And then after a while you get used to it. Then it... Read more »

Hide mouse pointer using c

11 (1 C Program to Hide Mouse Pointer : Dos Programming C Program to Hide Mouse Pointer : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14... Read more »