Internet works,Intranet and Extranet

Internet works,  Intranet and Extranet INTERNET WORKS: An internet work can be defined as two or more computer networks, which are connected together,using network routers. Each network in an internet work has... Read more »

CENTRALIZED and DISTRIBUTED Computer Network Model

Centralized and Distributed Computer Network Model In centralized computer network model, the network resources are placed and managed from a main location. Centralized network model allows administrators to manage the resource centrally.The... Read more »

Types of networks.( lan,wan,can,man)

LAN ,WAN,CAN AND MAN LAN(LOCAL AREA NETWORK) Local area network is a computer network, which is limited to a small office , single building , multiple building inside a campus etc. Typically ... Read more »


welcome to networking  A Computer network or data network is a telecommunication network which allows nodes to share resource. in computer networks , networked computing device exchange data with each other. using... Read more »