Cassandra tutorial

Cassandra Tutorial for Beginners - Learn Cassandra in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Introduction, Architecture and Data Model, Installation, Referenced Api, Cassandra Cqlsh, Shell... Read more »

NoSQL Database Tutorial

What is NoSQL? NoSQL encompasses a wide variety of different database technologies that were developed in response to the demands presented in building modern applications: NoSQL can be referred to as non... Read more »

Apache Flume Tutorial

Apache Flume Tutorial Apache flume is a reliable and distributed tool, which is designed to collect streaming data form several databases to HDFS. Advantages of Apache Flume Apache Flume is very useful... Read more »

social network analysis tutorial

Social network analysis (SNA) is a process of quantitative and qualitative analysis of a social network. SNA measures and maps the flow of relationships and relationship changes between knowledge-possessing entities. Read more »

Stream Cluster Analysis

Stream Cluster Analysis Many applications require automated clustering and dynamic stream into groups which are based on their similarities. For example: Analyzing web click streams, stock market analysis, network intrusion, etc. Definition... Read more »

What is Data Mining?

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Big Data Analytics

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