AWS-Console Mobile App

Amazon Web Services – Console Mobile App
AWS-Console Mobile App

The AWS Console mobile app, provided by Amazon Web Services, allows its users to view resources for select services and also supports a limited set of management functions for select resource types.

Following are the different administrations and upheld capacities that can be gotten to utilizing the versatile application.

EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)

Peruse, channel and hunt instances.View arrangement details.Check status of CloudWatch measurements and alarms.Perform operations over examples like begin, stop, reboot, termination.Manage security assemble rules.Manage Elastic IP Addresses.View square gadgets.

Elastic Load Balancing

Peruse, channel and inquiry stack balancers.View arrangement points of interest of connected instances.Add and expel cases from stack balancers.


Peruse cans and view their properties.View properties of articles.

Highway 53

Peruse and view facilitated zones.Browse and view points of interest of record sets.

RDS (Relational Database Service)

Peruse, channel, look and reboot instances.View arrangement points of interest, security and system settings.

Auto Scaling

View gather subtle elements, arrangements, measurements and alarms.Manage the quantity of cases according to the circumstance.

Elastic Beanstalk

View applications and events.View condition arrangement and swap condition CNAMEs.Restart application servers.


View tables and their points of interest like measurements, file, cautions, and so on.

View stack status, labels, parameters, yield, occasions, and assets.


View arrangement points of interest of stack, layers, cases and applications.View cases, its logs, and reboot them.


View CloudWatch diagrams of resources.List CloudWatch alerts by status and time.Action arrangements for cautions.

Administrations Dashboard

Gives data of accessible administrations and their status.All data identified with the charging of the user.Switch the clients to see the assets in different records.

Features of AWS Mobile App

To have access to the AWS Mobile App, we must have an existing AWS account. Simply create an identity using the account credentials and select the region in the menu. This app allows us to stay signed in to multiple identities at the same time.

For security reasons, it is recommended to secure the device with a passcode and to use an IAM user’s credentials to log in to the app. In case the device is lost, then the IAM user can be deactivated to prevent unauthorized access.

Root accounts cannot be deactivated via mobile console. While using AWS Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), it is recommended to use either a hardware MFA device or a virtual MFA on a separate mobile device for account security reasons.

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