Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning: what’s the difference?

Few year back when there was an entry of android in market its demand was also raised after months of arrival and obviously it shook the market with its features and its use. After the vast development in technology the demand for new products in market have also raised. And after android the Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning were the terms which were almost at the top of the demand from few years back. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (MI) technology have made a great development in the world. But what both terms mean in the technology, what they exactly do? If anyone have the idea of sci-fi tropes will know about AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning

Both terms AI and MI are often mistaken by other people as same in type as its sound sophisticated. But as per view of technology it very much difference between both the terms. The both terms have different meanings and have different implications for computers or devices.

It starts with Neural Networks

Machine Learning is term which makes the computer or device to deep learn of the data and based on that history of data and analysis and finally based on the predictions the machine will display output. In short the machine which learns the data by own and show outcomes afterwards is known as Machine Learning. Machine Learning is described as imitating the way humans learn. Machine learning actually relates to statistical analysis and iterative learning.

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Before MI has introduced, the technology consists of programs comprised of logical statements and algorithms of decision trees which include if and or, but the new technology has been built for training and learning through networks and data, for specific purpose. The work that MI does may be very complicated as part of neural network and data but, the probability or estimation to find the output will be nearly to the exact number. The only dis-advantage of this computing is that, this technology depends on the programmer, how he/she sets it up. And readjusting may take too much man-hours.

Enter Machine Learning

Once the programmer have made the program based on MI, the program then tries to improve its accuracy based on the predictions made and important part is that, it will do it without programmer showing every possibility within the data. You don’t need to predefine anything in the program. To train a network and machine there are different ways it can be done, but for output accuracy and training brute force iterative approach is used through network. Obviously the self-learning is better option for efficient process than using an optimizing algorithm by hand, and also it works faster on the larger quantities of data.

What AI exactly is and isn’t

You may say that machine learning is a good processing technique and best way the devices work but, it does that process on the based on the data history or data sets and it doesn’t have any intelligence in it. It just don’t know how it can be done but just based on the prediction it does. As once the algorithm has learned the data and behaviour it can be used in systems that actually looks to be possess intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is the term which can be defined as the application of the machine learning that interacts with or imitates humans in a convincingly intelligent way. A machine learning works by just going through the data sets or database of particular types and just identify the object which doesn’t seems like intelligent, as because it is not applying any type of work that humans do. Even the system’s camera, speakers or sensors detect the object in front of it and speaks back the name in real time which suddenly looks like intelligent.

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Artificial intelligences can be divided into two parts, applied or general. Applied artificial intelligence is much more feasible right now. It’s collaborated more closely with the machine learning to perform specific tasks. The task could be anything like trading stocks, traffic management in a smart city, or helping to diagnose patients.
General artificial intelligence is broader and more capable. It’s able to handle a vast range of tasks, understand any type of data set, looks like it thinks more broadly, just like humans. General AI would be able to learn outside of its original knowledge set, leads to grow its abilities. Machine learning is a complex system which is essential for the other part of technology like AI which helps the machine to think and take decisions on its own.

Now and into the future

After every deep technical talk, both machine learning and artificial intelligence applications are already here. We are still far from obtaining and living as general AI, but if you’ve been using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, you’re already interacting with a form of applied AI. Machine learning used for language processing is one of the key features of today’s smart devices, though they certainly aren’t intelligent enough to answer all your questions.
There are even many good ways that both the terms used in the best way like smart home. Many big companies like Google, Facebook for search engine tools or for advertising optimization. And even bank for prevention of fraud. There’s a great difference between machine learning and artificial intelligence. We’ll certainly hear lots of talk about both throughout coming months and beyond.

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