Amazon Aurora (MySQL) Doubles Maximum Write Throughput with Support for R4 Instances

Amazon Aurora (MySQL)

Beginning today, you can dispatch cases in the R4 family when utilizing Amazon Aurora (MySQL). R4 is the up and coming age of memory-enhanced cases and enhances the mainstream R3 examples with a bigger L3 store and speedier memory. 

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A R4.16xlarge occurrence, the biggest in the family, has 64 centers and 488GiB of memory. Amazon Aurora (MySQL) can process up to 200,000 composes/second on a R4.16xlarge occurrence, which is twofold the past most extreme bolstered by Amazon Aurora (MySQL) on a R3.8xlarge occasion. 


You can utilize R4 examples on Amazon Aurora (MySQL) rendition 1.15. R4 occurrences are accessible in all AWS locales where Amazon Aurora (MySQL) is accessible. For more data on evaluating, visit the valuing page. To take in more about Amazon Aurora, a MySQL-and PostgreSQL-good social database that joins the speed and accessibility of top of the line business databases with the effortlessness and cost-adequacy of open source databases, please visit the Amazon Aurora item page.

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