7 great iOS newsletters you should know about

AppCoda Weekly

Published on: Tuesday

Curated by: Simon Ng

Sponsorship: yes

It’s a digest with more than 13K readers, done by iOS & macOS tutorial site. AppCoda Weekly contains popular iOS, macOS, design articles from the community and content from its own website. AppCoda itself publishes strong tutorials on macOS development, ARKit, Core ML, beginner iOS topics and even app marketing. And in the newsletter Simon also shares interesting iOS libraries, so issues are usually pretty long 🙂

Awesome iOS

Published on: Friday

Curated by: Stan Bright from libhunt.com

Sponsorship: nope

Awesome iOS will send you popular iOS libraries and top stories from iOSProgramming subreddit. It’s a mix of useful iOS resources and the most upvoted articles, questions, discussions over Reddit delivered straight to your inbox. The maker of the newsletter is LibHunt network which curates libraries & resources for developers. To submit your library simply fill the form on website.

Digest MBLTdev

Published on: Friday

Sponsorship: nope

This is a weekly Russian-written digest issued by the e-Legion mobile dev agency together with cool iOS developers (applause goes to Alexandr Chernyy, Ruslan Gumenny, Alexandr Zimin & Ivan Kozlov). Digest contains funny localization of popular iOS news, article introductions, community gossips. The content significantly differs from English-written newsletters and also presents Russian iOS articles, CIS meetups announcements and videos from there. Obviously, English-speaking readers won’t be able to dive into it, but it’s a great newsletter for those who know Russian.

Indie iOS Focus Weekly

Published on: Thursday

Curated by: Chris Beshore
Sponsorship: yes and you can become a Patreon

Chris is making a very diverse issue every time! You can find Swift tips, podcasts, Xcode tricks, videos, libraries & frameworks, marketing guides, success stories, personal notes and much more. It’s a perfect mix for indie developers, with sections for beginners and career-seekers. Chris is running his newsletter since 2015 and always tries to keep everything as easy to read as possible.

iOS Cookies

Published on: Tuesday

Curated by: Adam Bardon

Sponsorship: yes

iOS Cookies weekly newsletter shares list of hand-picked open-source libraries written in Swift. You can get new and not-yet popular libraries weekly or check the whole website with dozens of awesome iOS open-source libraries. Adam has been working on iOS Cookies since 2015 and made an amazing job with his collection. Everyone can suggest a library via the form on the website. You can support him by becoming a sponsor to his newsletters or website

iOS Dev Weekly

Published on: Friday

Curated by: Dave Verwer, Evan Dekhayser, Vicc Alexander

Sponsorship: yes

You probably know about iOS Dev Weekly, as it’s one of the oldest (2011) and the biggest newsletter (46K readers) in the community. iOS Dev Weekly has interesting “from the editor” introduction, huge news and code sections (while less attention is paid to design or business articles). Recently Dave added an option to suggest articles via a form, but still being featured there is not that easy. High five if your article ever was mentioned there!

Fun fact: Dave also built Curated, the platform which helps to send his newsletter 🙂


Published on: Monday

Curated by: 9elements

Sponsorship: yes, shoot them an email

Swift Weekly is crafted by 9elements, German digital agency. It mostly focused on popular iOS-related tutorials, talks, and libraries. So far, it has 90+ issues and almost 5K readers. You can easily contribute there via “send link” form at the bottom of the website. Curators gather popular content on rapidly changing development world and present it to you weekly.

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