Architecture of Cassandra

Architecture in brief. Cassandra is designed to handle big data workloads across multiple nodes with no single point of failure. Its architecture is based on the understanding that system and hardware failures... Read more »

Cassandra tutorial

Cassandra Tutorial for Beginners - Learn Cassandra in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Introduction, Architecture and Data Model, Installation, Referenced Api, Cassandra Cqlsh, Shell... Read more »

Download LineageOS 15.1 Stock Wallpapers | [Full HD]

Download LineageOS 15.1 Stock Wallpapers In HD LineageOS is one of the most famous custom ROMs available for Android devices. And today we are going to bring you LineageOS 15.1 Stock Wallpapers... Read more »

Free Wi-Fi Stumbling and Surveying Tools

Free Wi-Fi Stumbling and Surveying Tools You’ve most likely heard of NetStumbler, but there are many more free Wi-Fi stumblers out there. These can come in handy whether you want to check... Read more »

NoSQL Database Tutorial

What is NoSQL? NoSQL encompasses a wide variety of different database technologies that were developed in response to the demands presented in building modern applications: NoSQL can be referred to as non... Read more »

IoT(Internet of things) Products Top 2018

Top 20 Innovative Internet of Things(IoT) Products you need to know The Internet of Things is transforming every corner of life: the home, the office, city streets and beyond. IoT products give... Read more »

Apache Flume Tutorial

Apache Flume Tutorial Apache flume is a reliable and distributed tool, which is designed to collect streaming data form several databases to HDFS. Advantages of Apache Flume Apache Flume is very useful... Read more »

Cisco and Rackspace Deliver Advanced Security for the Multicloud

Cisco and Rackspace Deliver Advanced Security for the Multicloud As a leading managed cloud service provider, Rackspace has been helping business customers drive digital transformation through IT-as-a-Service and multicloud solutions for almost 20 years.... Read more »