Google Assistant Understand Hindi Language

Google Assistant adds Hindi language support for India Google Assistant voice commands can now understand the Hindi language, which is spoken largely in India. However, the Android device settings must have English... Read more »

Cisco adds new capabilities to its IBN infrastructure

Cisco adds new capabilities to its IBN infrastructure Cisco has advanced its intent–based networking tools so now it can both verify that networks are simply running consistent with the intentions set through admins and additionally so it may help to locate and resolve network problems quicker on both wired and wi-fi networks. The organisation says this is a new phase within the evolution of its IBN in which it is addressing assurance – the ability to evaluate whether or not the... Read more »

Assuring the Full Promise of Intent-Based Networking: Introducing the Cisco Network Assurance Engine

Capture your network’s intent, accelerate change, predict outages and assure policy compliance As digital enterprise unexpectedly speeds up, we’ve seen an explosion of recent applications – housed throughout containers, visualized environments, and clouds – acting on massive data sets. How do you ensure your community policies follow the ones programs wherever they are living? With intent–based Networking (IBN) for... Read more »

Cisco Intersight

Cisco Intersight – The Benefits of Essentials Pervasive Simplicity one of the challenges of control at scale is keeping things easy. when we first started out developing the requirements for Cisco Intersight, our clients advised us we needed to address the tedious tasks associated with preserving systems. We needed to simplify and automate many sports. I described this essential requirement as the customer demand for pervasive simplicity... Read more »

Cisco and Microsoft: Delivering fast, reliable, and secure cloud connection

Cisco and Microsoft: Delivering fast, reliable, and secure cloud connection enterprise agility, decrease price of ownership, and the ability to scale up or down quick. The cloud international is richwith benefits, and developing. according to IDC’s worldwide IT enterprise 2018 Predictions, spending on cloud servicesand cloud-enabling hardware, software and services will more than double to over $530 billion through 2021. The... Read more »

How to Customize Alert Slider on OnePlus 5T/5/3T/3 [OxygenOS]

How to Customize Alert Slider on OnePlus 5T/5/3T/3 [OxygenOS] The Alert Slider on OnePlus devices is surprisingly beneficial. once you get used to it, its to stay without. want there has been a manner to customise OnePlus Alert Slider? Now, there may be! in this manual, we can tell you how to customizeAlert Slider... Read more »

Troubleshooting wireless driver

Troubleshooting wireless driver Troubleshooting wireless driver problems in Linux can be a irritating revel in in case you don’t realize what to look for. The maximum thorough supply for wi-fi driving force information is the aircrack-ng documentation.90% of wi-fi troublessuggested to us are because of people now not studying the Aircrack-ng documentation.You want to run airmon-ng testkill before setting your card in display mode. carefully examine carefully ANY error message as they may VERY regularly let you know what’s incorrect and how to restore it.... Read more »

Cisco NFP (Network Foundation Protection) framework

Cisco NFP (Network Foundation Protection),Management plane,Control plane and Data plane Cisco NFP (Network Foundation Protection) is Technology framework which provides the technologies and tools to protect different types of network traffic. Cisco has... Read more »

Download Samsung Galaxy S9 Wallpaper | 4k Resolution Wallpaper

Download Samsung  S9  Stock Wallpaper In HD Samsung Galaxy S9 another big name is expected to be released with in a few weeks and with this big name, lot of leaks are... Read more »

How to integrate OnePlus Face Unlock with App Lock using Xposed

How to integrate OnePlus Face Unlock with App Lock using Xposed One of the most popular functions of the OnePlus 5T is their Face unlock implementation. The feature turned into so popular that users’ demands for it pushed OnePlus to deliver it to the OnePlus 5 and later the OnePlus 3/3T. the main difference between the... Read more »