Asus’ first mixed reality headset

ASUS’ first mixed reality headset has plenty of pleasant surprises ASUS has been teasing us with details of its Windows Mixed Reality headset, but now is ready to let folks try it... Read more »

Siri-iOS apple

Apple iOS: SIRI  Apple’s Eddy Cue has been responsible for Siri since programming boss Scott Forestall left the organization in 2012. Presently, the official has given Siri over to Craig Federighi –... Read more »

LG v30:IFA 2017’s biggest announcements

IFA 2017’s biggest’s announcements  The September time frame positions the Berlin show perfectly as a launch pad for holiday products. As such, some of tech’s biggest names, including Samsung, Sony, LG and... Read more »

Instagram hacked 100million + account hack

Programmers claim to have individual information of a huge number of Instagram accounts, including celebs A gathering of programmers utilized a bug not long ago to rub the telephone numbers and email... Read more »

IBC 2017 and The yin-yang of video aware networking

IBC 2017 and The Yin-Yang of video aware Networking  What is Cisco It’s that time of year again when 55,000 of my closest media, entertainment, and technology colleagues and I travel to... Read more »