The new system introduces a layer of autonomy which lets IT or security personnel define a set of rules and the system takes care of the rest without any additional intervention.

The Coronet SecureCloud has been designed to be as simple as possible, Coronet co-founder and CISO Dror Liwer told TechCrunch. This means that the system makes sure any device an employee is using is secure, while validating the user’s identity, making sure the network is safe and preventing anything malicious on a device from spreading to a cloud service.

It defaults to the new fully autonomous platform, meaning you simply set it and forget it. Whereas many security systems funnel issues to a security team, this one is designed to detect and mitigate the the threat in real time, Liwer explained. If there is an issue, the employee won’t be able to log on unless they fix the problem, so a device infected with malware wouldn’t be allowed on the company Dropbox account until the problem is resolved. This would prevent the malware from spreading from the device to files stored in the cloud.

As an example, just last week Apple had a huge security vulnerability in OSX High Sierra that would have allowed anyone to log onto an unpatched machine. Apple released a patch within 24 hours and it was imperative that people get the update. Using Coronet SecureCloud, the system would recognize the patch is available and not let the user log on to their system without updating, thereby forcing them into compliance.

It wouldn’t require an email or any communication or action on behalf of a small or medium business IT department. This would all happen automatically and without a lot of pain to the end user. All they would know is they need to update the OS to continue.

Of course, there is some work up front to define the rules, but there are pre-configured rules for popular cloud software packages like Office 365, Box, Slack and Dropbox. Companies can adapt those rules for their company or leave the defaults.

Security is growing ever more complex and tracking all of the latest vulnerabilities and patches takes trained people. It’s hard enough for an enterprise with deep resources to find them and keep all employees up to date. It’s even more difficult for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs).

The Coronet SecureCloud autonomous security is available starting today..

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